The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies supports the study of Buddhist teachings. Our perspective balances scholarly inquiry with serious meditation practice. We believe that study and practice work together to deepen one’s practice and aid in awakening. Our goal is to help participants explore original Buddhist texts and appreciate the richness of the tradition and lineage. We want to facilitate ongoing dialog and exchange among meditators, teachers, students and scholars.

Classes are small to encourage personal contact and discussion.

Our perspective is primarily Theravadan, but not exclusively so.

Our hope is for the Sati Center to be the seed of a community sharing a love of the dharma and a commitment to study, working together to bring the Buddha’s teachings to our lives and others. We hope you will join us.

The Sati Center for Buddhist Studies is a non-profit, tax exempt organization.


All classes (unless otherwise noted) take place at:

Insight Meditation Center
108 Birch Street
Redwood City, California